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TMS Well Being/Sports Therapy & Massage
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Louise Barkham
Louise Barkham
Due to training in Olympic weightlifting my back & legs takes some hammering😣 Fantastic results every time from Trevor’s treatment👌 I would definitely recommend💯
Bryan Bradwell
Bryan Bradwell
Trevor has really helped me get back to running properly, highly recommend
Gianmario Busia
Gianmario Busia
Had an issue with both quadriceps and went to TMS sorted me out after a session! Reasonable prices and do a proper job! Would recommend to anyone.
Helen Mann
Helen Mann
Mattie Shaw
Mattie Shaw
Been struggling a lot with shoulder issues lately and not only did Trevor make me feel completely welcome he relaxed me and helped me get rid of some of these issues that was my first ever massage and I would 100% recommend to anyone that is interested. Thank you Trevor see you soon �
John Gledhill
John Gledhill
best service and massage around, and a total gent to boot 10/10

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Jill Holmes
Jill Holmes
13:56 22 Jun 17
Excellent professional and successful experience When visiting from Australia I was experiencing lower back pain and discomfort and faced with a 24hr plane journey, I booked in with TMS Wellbeing for a deep tissue massage. Trevor is the ultimate professional, ensuring I felt comfortable (even greeting me outside to ensure I knew where to park). He discussed the issues I was facing and what I hoped to get out of the massage and tailored his service to suit. The outcome was that I could stand straight, and sit comfortably, vastly improving my flight. I would recommend TMS for anyone who wants to complement sporting activity, recover or prepare from an event, or for chronic pain and discomfort.
Lisa Croughan
Lisa Croughan
19:36 07 Jul 17
First time Ive had a sports massage. I have been struggling with on / off knee pain and lower calf tightness. The massage has helped free up the tightness and painful tension at my knee. I have also been given good pointers for stretches and for using my foam roller and massage ball, along with helpful followup advice via email. Being able to book via website was a massive bonus!
Grace Purnell
Grace Purnell
10:53 15 Aug 17
Trevor instantly responded to my enquiries and provided an excellent service. Would highly recommend - Thank you
Andy Dobson
Andy Dobson
10:56 10 Aug 17
Great service, easy and efficient booking system. Trevor's treatment of several problems I have has been beneficial, and I shall certainly return.
21:31 22 Apr 17
After years of multiple muscular issues, Trevor was a breath of fresh air. I am getting stronger and stronger with every visit. Thank you
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I’m 7 months pregnant an been having a lot of lower back pain, couldn’t lay down or sit comfortably!!! Everywhere said I couldn have a massage because of my bump... they where cleary wrong! Now my back feels free an lose!!

Emma Crowther   

Testimonial * Trevor did a fantastic job of getting me mobile and pain free again after several issues I had from running. A total professional who is friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anyone!

Author *Diane   

6 years ago I was involved in an RTA and I have been dependent on Tramadol ever since. I am finally able to be medication free and can go two or three weeks without pain. I have a lot more movement and am able to sleep a lot better. Highly recommend Trevor.

Sarah Palmer   

Always used Trevor for my sports massages, he’s fixed my rotator cuff and hamstring issues in the past and now, after 18 months off, I’ve gone back to playing rugby and he’s already fixing me up again!

Been today with a hip flexor issue and already it feels a lot better. He’s not afraid to work your muscles more than you feel is possible! Plus, with his new setup down at HD1 Fitness Clinic, he can offer rehab work in their as well as a massage! The full package! Thanks mate!

Ben Moorhouse   

It was definitely the right thing to do Trevor at TMS Well Being gave my Achilles calf , foot a fantastic sports massage and was so knowledgeable giving me some great after care advice as well .I will be going back and would recommend TMS Well Being to anyone suffering from old or new injuries. Please don’t suffer in silence.


went to see Trevor yesterday, he did a fantastic job on my back, neck and shoulders. Feel better now than i have in last six months. Thank you very much keep up the good work.

Milan Petrovic   

Back again to see Trevor today. Fantastic service and he always knows the buttons to push that really relieve that stress and pain from my back! Cant wait to go back again!!

Thanks again!

Chris Batley   

Easily the best sports massage therapist I have ever visited. Very friendly guy. Extremely knowledgeable about the human body. Can't recommend Trev highly enough.

Alastair Wareham   

Trevor delivered an amazing deep tissue massage to relieve the tension and pain in my back. I will definitely be back for more sessions.


Big T's been looking after me for a few years now, from being a social cyclist to budding triathlete, including sorting me out before a 300+ mile ride in 24 hours.
I'm not the best at looking after my body, but that's where TMS Well Being have stepped in. I always leave Trevor completely niggle free and with a number of specific stretches and useful exercises to help me to prepare and recover from events. The man's a legend!


Testimonial *
I had a back massage the day of our drive to Cornwall in the hope that it would help avoid any discomfort during the 9 hr drive.as this is a long standing back issue I didn't expect a cure, just an improvement. It certainly achieved this. Trevor explained the issue and the excecises/stretches that I could take up that would assist with the easing of the back pain. In addition he looked at what could be done to improve my hip joint where I am starting to suffer the discomfort of arthritis. After some joint and limb manipulation it became apparent that part of the movement restriction is my own safety mechanism trying to avoid pain. Trevor worked the jointly show that improvements can be made. This is clearly an issue that will need commited effort on my part, with guidance and massage support from Trevor, but I have every confidence he can help me to improve the joint.
Trevor explains things clearly and gives good instructions for activities that I need to do to support his work. Having never had an in depth sports massage like this before I was very pleased with the price, the professionalism and the outcome.

Many thanks Trevor.

Author *Steve Smith   

Trevor as always you work wonders, bad back a few years ago from a car accident, few sessions with you and that was fixed. Recently when putting more miles through my legs, training for half marathons I have kept on top of my sports massages and I not only beat my PB I don't have any aches or pains, thank you T


I have seen many of Physos in my time and I have to honestly say Trevor at TMSWellbeing has really made an impression. Trevors kind nature, pleasant manner, knowledge and good ‘hand ‘work has made me feel and sleep better. I would definitely recommend xxx

Emma Jackson   

Great response to a last moment request for a booking, Trevor provided an excellent service listening to my concerns on arrival and then talking me through his treatment during the massage. Made huge improvements after the first session will be a returning customer.

Tom Murray