Stress Related Shoulder & Neck Pain.

When we start to feel the Stress of things in our daily lives, we tend to hold our shoulders in

the raised position which causes the neck and shoulder muscles to become shortened,

resulting in them becoming tight. It might be these stress related issues lead to headaches and

generally the first thing people do is reach for the painkillers, this action will not get to the

bottom of the issue. The TMS Well Being brand is all about Sports Therapy & Massage and

we are able to treat each client based on their individual issues, stress related tension has to be

removed from the clients neck and shoulders by using a very relaxing from of massage called

Swedish Holistic Massage or Acupressure Massage and all our Therapists are fully qualified

in the application of this form of Massage Therapy.


Society tends to live life at a very fast pace, sometimes people are not able to stop worrying

about health, money, family, work and become restless with an unrealistic view of problems.

This can lead to muscle tension, muscle aches, headaches and things like problems sleeping,

these are only small examples, the list relating to Anxiety is endless. TMS Well Being can

help you deal with your Anxiety and studies have shown Massage helps lower the blood

pressure and increases the levels of Serotonin which helps lower your Anxiety and Stress.

Back Pain

Massage Therapy is becoming more widely accepted in the medical community as a credible

treatment for many types of back pain, there are several potential health benefits for using

TMS Well Being & Massage Therapy, increased blood flow and circulation which sends

much needed nutrition to muscles and tissues, decreased muscle tension which in turn will

improve flexibility resulting in reduced pain.