Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder pain is perhaps one of the most common issues we treat on a daily basis at TMS Well Being;

those who train using weights on a regular basis are the clients we see most of the time and the most

common issue is Impingement Syndrome. This is an issue that refers to the pinching of a structure

within the shoulder joint, when the shoulder is lifted up towards shoulder height; tendons get trapped

between the head of the Humerus and the subacromial arch of the scapula, TMS Well Being can treat

this common issue with a very high success rate of which we are very proud of.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain in weightlifters or people that train using weights is very common, certain types of

exercise like clean and jerk, dead lift or squats can be particularly stressful on the joints and soft tissue

of the back. TMS Well Being will play its part in getting you back to full health and with the skills of

a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist we are able to demonstrate and help you

with your technique which may be an advantage in helping you avoid common issues in the future.

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

With any athlete or even a none athlete but particularly with Weightlifters, DOMS is the most

common issue that TMS Well Being treat, generally clients that are brand new to any form of

exercise and when weights this becomes a real issue, people lift too much too soon and end

up in agony which sometimes puts an end to their training in the short term. With good

stretching and massage we can help at TMS Well Being and play our part in getting you back

out there and back into your training, with some good sound advice going forward.